Cantonese Sweet & Sour Aubergine

After searching online for a good sweet and sour sauce recipe, I ended up experimenting and making up my own!  A perfect midweek or weekend treat – ideal with aubergine, any veggies, or perhaps some crispy tofu.

Ross usually orders a Peking sauce from our local takeaway, and I’m always somewhat wary of what goes into that luminous red sauce. So, if you’re a fan, but have always hoped for a slightly healthier option, this one is for you!


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Perfect Vegan Pancakes

I’ve had some pancake disasters over the years, but these are definitely a winner. Simple, fluffy, American style pancakes that are perfectly paired with fruit, nuts, maple syrup or chocolate… Or all of the above!

Plus, compared to conventional eggy pancakes, these have a lower saturated fat, cholesterol and calorie content – and they taste exactly the same! Promise!


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Carrot Hot Dogs (Ft. Enoki Mushroom ‘Pulled Pork’)

Don’t be put off by their healthiness – these really are amazing!


So easy, and so delicious. I’m not totally sure how a pile of leftover carrots can transform so easily into tasty sausages (minus the dead animal bits), but I’m completely on board. This recipe was modified slightly from Clean Eating Veggie Girl – thanks, Hannah!

The ‘BBQ pulled pork’ style enoki mushrooms were inspired by a recent trip to China. Vegan food was somewhat limited in the part of Beijing where we were based, but we found an amazing little cafe who served great BBQ food. In my opinion, even tastier than pulled jackfruit!

I buy enoki mushrooms from a local Chinese supermarket, but most bigger supermarkets also stock them. So, on to the recipes…

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